Cities close to iowa city

Which city is close to Iowa?

List of Cities near Iowa City in Iowa, United States of America

Major Cities Close to Iowa City
Madison 234.9 km / 145.9 miles
Saint Louis 355.6 km / 220.9 miles
Omaha 374.9 km / 232.9 miles
Kansas City 385.2 km / 239.3 miles

What city in Iowa is closest to Chicago?

Distance from Chicago, IL to Iowa City, IA There are 201.54 miles from Chicago to Iowa City in west direction and 221 miles (355.67 kilometers ) by car, following the I-80 route. Chicago and Iowa City are 3 hours 24 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

What cities are close to Delaware?

Major cities near Delaware City, DE 34 miles to Philadelphia, PA. 58 miles to Baltimore, MD. 90 miles to Washington, DC. 110 miles to Newark , NJ. 113 miles to Jersey City, NJ. 115 miles to New York, NY. 189 miles to Virginia Beach, VA. 192 miles to Norfolk, VA.

What is the closest city to Crescent City CA?

Major cities near Crescent City, CA 274 miles to Reno, NV. 290 miles to San Francisco, CA. 291 miles to Oakland, CA. 301 miles to Stockton, CA. 312 miles to Fremont, CA. 328 miles to San Jose, CA. 329 miles to Modesto, CA. 415 miles to Fresno , CA.

What cities are in Northern Iowa?

Cities[edit] Cedar Falls . Decorah. Independence. Waterloo. Waverly. Dyersville, Iowa.

How far is Cedar Rapids from Iowa City?

Distance between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids is 40 kilometers (25 miles). Driving distance from Iowa City to Cedar Rapids is 50 kilometers (31 miles).

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How far is Chicago from Iowa border?

Distance from Iowa City, IA to Chicago , IL There are 201.54 miles from Iowa City to Chicago in east direction and 222 miles (357.27 kilometers) by car, following the I-80 route.

How far is Chicago from Iowa City?

203 miles

How do I get from Iowa City to Chicago?

Megabus makes bus travel easy and affordable for your upcoming Iowa City to Chicago trip, with fares as low as $1*. Reserving your bus tickets for your next Iowa City to Chicago trip is made simple online or by smartphone on

What is the biggest town in Delaware?


What state is Delaware close to?

Delaware borders New Jersey tto the east across the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. It borders Maryland in the south as well as in the west along the Mason–Dixon line, and it has a short border with Pennsylvania in the north, formed by the so-called Twelve-Mile Circle.

What city in Delaware is closest to Maryland?

Wilmington is just a short 15-minute drive away. Further afield, but still accessible in under an hour, you have Philadelphia and Baltimore , Maryland.

What is the closest major airport to Crescent City CA?

The Del Norte County Regional Airport at Jack McNamara Field (CEC) is located in Crescent City on the rugged north coast of California near the Oregon border. CEC is an FAA certified Part 139 Commercial Service airport with daily flights to and from Oakland International Airport (OAK) provided by Contour Airlines. ​

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