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How much do custom license plates cost in Iowa?

Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in Iowa is $25 in addition to the regular renewal fee. For more information, visit the Iowa Department of Transportation.

How do I get personalized license plates in Iowa?

There are two ways to order your specialty/ personalized plates : online or by mail. Personalize your license plate , check availability, and reserve it. If it is available and approved, your plates will be manufactured and delivered to the county treasurer’s office in the county where you live.

How much does it cost to customize your own license plate?

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State Cost
Australian Capital Territory From $466.40
New South Wales Personalised plate prices from $105 per year plus an order fee . Custom plates from $454 per year plus the order fee .
Northern Territory Fee varies with choice.
Queensland From $165.

How long does it take to get personalized plates in Iowa?

about 6-8 weeks

How do I get a black License Plate in Iowa?

The blackout license plates cost $35 for a standard alpha-numeric plate . A personalized plate costs an additional $25 ($60 total). Non-personalized plates can be ordered at your local county treasurer’s office, or you can order a blackout license plate at the DOT’s website or by mailing in a special form.

Can I register my car online in Iowa?

You are required to renew your vehicle registration in your county of residence. You may renew your registration online at

How much do Iowa blackout plates cost?

The new plate will cost $35 for a standard alpha-numeric plate and an additional $25 (for a total of $60 ) for a personalized plate. Funds collected for the blackout plate will go to the Road Use Tax Fund, which funds state, county, and city road and bridge projects throughout Iowa.

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What do the black license plates mean in Iowa?

As of July 1, Iowans can “blackout” their license plates . Money paid for the special blackout plate will go to the Road Use Tax Fund, which funds road and bridge projects throughout Iowa . Once ordered, Iowa Prison Industries will make the plates and ship them to your county treasurer’s office.

Does Iowa require front license plate?

1. Registration plates issued for a motor vehicle other than an autocycle, motorcycle, motorized bicycle, or truck tractor shall be attached to the motor vehicle, one in the front and the other in the rear.

Are custom license plates worth it?

Yes, even yours. Personalized license plates have moved firmly into the mainstream. They’re easy to think up while you’re stuck in traffic and they’re an affordable thing to splurge on (Here in New York, a personalized plate only costs an extra $60 up front and $31.25 annually beyond that.)

How many symbols are there on a license plate?

5-7 characters

How much are plates for teeth?

How much do plates for teeth cost? Orthodontic plates are generally much cheaper than braces. Treatment prices will vary depending on the patient, but a plate may cost anywhere from $800-$2500, whereas braces might sit somewhere between $2500 and $6000.

What state has a black license plate?


Can you drive a car without plates if you just bought it in Iowa?

Can you drive a car without plates after buying it? Yes, for up to 30 days as long as you keep the bill of sale or title (in your name) on hand. There is an exception if the seller’s car registration was not active at the time of purchase; driving an unregistered car is illegal in Iowa .

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