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How much are HoneyBaked hams at the Honeybaked Ham store?

Honey Baked Boneless Ham

Half Boneless Ham 1 lb. $9.99
Whole Boneless Ham 1 lb. $9.99

How much is a 7 lb HoneyBaked Ham?

The Honey Baked Ham Company Menu

Sliced And Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast 2.6 Lbs $32.07
Sliced And Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast 2.6 Lbs $29.70
The Original Honey Baked Ham (7 Lb) $59.40 – $114.04

How much is a small honey baked ham?

Average cost per pound at Honey Baked Ham is $6.52 per pound. This coupon offer is via O Oprah Magazine, Food Network and Better Homes and Gardens.

Can you order Honey Baked Ham online?

HoneyBaked Ham offers a wide selection of sizes of our delectable spiral sliced, honey glazed hams online . All you need to do is make your selections and submit your order . Ordering online is a secure and efficient way to purchase HoneyBaked Ham products and have them delivered right to your door.

How many will a 5 pound ham feed?

That means for a 10 -person Easter dinner, you’ll need a bone-in ham that weighs between 7.5-10 pounds or a 5-pound boneless ham.

Is Honey Baked Ham worth the price?

It’s worth it if you only buy it once a year. I love their stuff but it is so expensive and I can’t get the smaller size my small family needs. I’ve tried to make my own but it’s just not the same. In my opinion, good ham costs money.

Does Honey Baked Ham sell by the pound?

By the pound . See store for all deli sides availability. May vary by location. Calories shown are per individual serving.

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What size Honey Baked Ham should I get?

Delicious Whole Ham without the Hassle: HoneyBaked How big of a crowd a whole ham will serve depends on if you’re planning to serve our scrumptious ham for dinner or a buffet. A 13-pound whole ham served for dinner will yield about 22 to 24 servings, while a 16-pound ham can make a wonderful dinner for 28-30.

What is the best ham to buy?

The shank end (or leg portion) sports that classic ham profile, so it’s a good choice for a picture-perfect table. The meat tends to be leaner and it has one long bone, which makes carving easier. The butt end (the top half of the ham) has more tender, fattier meat , lending a richer flavor.

Does Costco sell HoneyBaked hams?

Spiral Ham We’re looking at you, Honey Baked Ham Co. But Kirkland Signature has its own line of spiral-sliced cooked hams as an option for your holiday dining. They sell for $2.29 a pound, with a good-sized ham that could serve up to 16 people having you fork out around $25.

How many does a 12 lb ham feed?

Per Martha Stewart, you should plan on 3/4 pound of bone-in ham per person. This chart shows the estimated amount of bone-in ham for your holiday dinner party. How Much Bone-in Ham do you Need?

Number of People Amount of Bone-in Ham
6 – 8 4 1/2 – 6 lbs
8 – 10 6 – 7 1/2 lbs
10 – 12 7 1/2 – 9 lbs
15 – 20 9 – 15 lbs

Can you buy honey baked ham by the slice?

Our spiral sliced ham is great all year round All are great with HoneyBaked . We now have more than 400 retail locations or you can order online or by phone at 1-866-492- HAMS . No matter how you slice it you ‘ll get the best ham on the planet.

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Is bone in ham better than boneless?

Which Is Better , a Bone-In Ham or a Boneless Ham ? BONELESS HAM – A boneless ham is easier to slice. BONE-IN HAM – Just like chicken, a bone-in ham has more flavor because the bone itself imparts flavor into the meat.

How much are hams at Costco?

The Spiral Ham is $2.29 a pound, however you get $5 off instantly per ham. The spiral hams range between about 10 and 12 pounds . What is the Best Ham to Buy at Costco ?

Size Cost Price Per LB
12 pounds $22.48 $1.87
12.5 pounds $23.63 $1.89

Are Costco spiral hams good?

Our family absolutely loves to enjoy the ham this way because it is quality meat and makes a delicious deli sandwich. Not only is it good , but the price is a definite win when compared to regular deli meat prices. The flavor of this ham is very natural. I have found that certain brands will taste incredibly salty.

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