How many acres of corn in iowa

How many acres of corn are there in Iowa?


Commodity Planted All Purpose Acres Production
CORN, GRAIN 2,583,900,000 BU
CORN 13,500,000

How many crop acres are in Iowa?

Here are some interesting facts about farming in Iowa: 26,256,347 : Acres devoted to cropland in Iowa. 1,294,425 : Acres of pastureland in Iowa. 88,637 : Number of farms in Iowa.

What is the average bushel per acre of corn in Iowa?

202.0 bushels

How many acres of corn are in the US?

92 million

How many times a year can you harvest corn?

Our third cutting is generally the big money hayage. In the Midwest there’s only one growing season. Corn , soybeans, and wheat can only be harvested once. Forage crops for cattle can often be harvested multiple times as they regrow.

What do farmers do with corn cobs?

But little or no work has been done on the economics from the farmer’s perspective of harvesting and collecting just the cobs off the field. The primary use for cobs today is utilizing the nutrients and tilling them back into the ground.

What is the largest crop in Iowa?


What percent of Iowa is corn?

Sweet Corn vs. Only one percent of corn planted in the United States is sweet corn. 99 percent of corn grown in Iowa is “Field Corn”.

What is farmland worth in Iowa?

$7,432 per acre

How much money does a farmer make per acre of corn?

For 2019, a 63 bushel per acre yield and $9.00 per bushel price are used in projections, giving $567 of crop revenue. No other revenues are projected, giving a gross revenue projection of $567 per acre. Non-land costs for 2019 are projected at $369 per acre, an increase of $15 per acre over 2018 costs.

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How much does it cost to grow 1 acre of corn?

Cost of production in 2018 is predicted to be $645 per acre . The breakeven price for corn at a yield level of 200 bushels per acre is $3.23 per bushel. At 180 bushels per acre it is $3.58 per bushel.

What is a good corn yield per acre?

The annual August Pro Farmer Crop Tour estimated corn yield to be closer to 177.5 bushels per acre after field inspections. This estimate is still relatively high compared to previous years and well above the 2019 average yield of 167.4 bushels per acre .

Where is the largest corn field?

World’s Longest Cornfield AG WORLD Ag World 9-3-20 Leo Scherer can drive for 20 miles and never lose sight of his crops but the Evan, Minn., farmer’s field is just 32 rows, or 96 ft., wide.

What is the number 1 crop in America?

Update: In July, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) collected updated information on 2019 acres planted to corn , cotton, sorghum , and soybeans in 14 states.

What state is the largest producer of corn?


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