Interstate 29 road conditions iowa

Is Interstate 29 in Iowa open?

Officials say at this time, I – 29 is open in both directions throughout Iowa , however, motorists may encounter occasional lane closures. Exit 66 at Honey Creek will remain closed due to flooding. The Iowa DOT will continue to monitor the situation closely, but roadways may close quickly in this area due to high waters.

Is i 29 open in Nebraska?

The Missouri River continues to rise and flood mostly rural land in Nebraska and Iowa, but Interstate 29 remains open near Omaha. The Missouri River continues to rise and flood mostly rural land in Nebraska and Iowa, but Interstate 29 remains open near Omaha.

What is the phone number for Nebraska road conditions?

511 is an automated system and you will be listening to a computer-generated operator. Getting started: Dial 511 (within Nebraska). If you are calling from outside Nebraska’s coverage area or if your phone service provider does not yet participate in the 511 effort, you will need to dial 800-906-9069 .

What year was Interstate 29 built?


Is I 680 Open in Iowa?

North- and Southbound I- 680 is now open – Iowa Department of Transportation | Facebook.

Is Hwy 281 Open in Nebraska?

The Highway 281 bridge, which was wiped out by flooding after the Spencer Dam collapsed in March 2019, has been rebuilt and is now open to traffic. The bridge is south of Spencer, Nebraska . The Highway 281 bridge south of Spencer, Nebraska , was washed out by flooding in March 2019 after the Spencer Dam collapsed.

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Is i80 in Wyoming closed?

I80 : Roadwork, Left lane blocked EASTBOUND near Rock Springs from milepost 83 to 91, Expect delays. WY390: Moose Wilson Road closed for the season between Teton Village and Moose.

Is Hwy 20 open in Washington?

SR 20 Both Directions – SR 20 , the North Cascades Highway , is closed for the season in both directions between milepost 134, approximately 12 miles east of Newhalem and milepost 170.6 at the Silver Star Gate over Rainy and Washington passes.

How often is 511 updated?

511 Deployment Coalition guidelines call for continual updates – every few minutes.

Who needs a DOT number in Nebraska?

Anyone in Nebraska who operates a commercial vehicle 10,000 pounds or heavier by law must display a United States Department of Transportation number (USDOT). This USDOT number, often referred to as the DOT number, alerts motorists that the commercial vehicle in use has been registered.

What is the 511 App?

Florida 511 Mobile App It is a service of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The system provides directions to a destination with travel times and alternate routes on all interstates and most US and state routes in Florida.

Where does 49 start and end?

Its southern terminus is in Lafayette, Louisiana, at I-10 while its northern terminus is in Kansas City, Missouri at I-435 and I-470. Portions of the remaining roadway in Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas, which will link Kansas City with New Orleans, are in various stages of planning or construction.

What is the speed limit on I 29 in Iowa?

70 mph

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What exit is Watertown SD?

exit 180

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