Iowa corn prices today

What is the current price of a bushel of corn?


What’s the price of corn in Iowa?

Cash Bids

Name Delivery Start Cash Price
Corn 01/01/2021 $4.05
Corn 03/01/2021 $4.05
Corn 05/01/2021 $4.03

What is the highest corn price ever?

The highest monthly corn price in January on record was at $6.96 /bu.

What is the average bushel per acre of corn in Iowa?

202.0 bushels

What is a good corn yield per acre?

The annual August Pro Farmer Crop Tour estimated corn yield to be closer to 177.5 bushels per acre after field inspections. This estimate is still relatively high compared to previous years and well above the 2019 average yield of 167.4 bushels per acre .

Will corn prices go up in 2020?

U.S. corn production is unchanged from the previous month at 14,506.8 million bushels, based on a national average yield of 175.8 bushels per acre. Domestic use, exports, and ending stocks are also unchanged for 2020 /21. The projected season-average farm price is unchanged at $4.00 per bushel. 6 дней назад

How much does it cost to plant corn?

Cost of production in 2018 is predicted to be $645 per acre. The breakeven price for corn at a yield level of 200 bushels per acre is $3.23 per bushel. At 180 bushels per acre it is $3.58 per bushel. At 160 bushels per acre it is $4.03.

What is corn a bushel?

An 8-inch ear of corn contains about 0.50 lb equivalent of shelled corn grain; therefore, 112 8-inch ears would equal 1 bushel (1 bushel = 56 pounds). By counting the number of ears, the amount of corn can be estimated.

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How heavy is a bushel of corn?

56 Pounds

How much money does a farmer make per acre of corn?

For 2019, a 63 bushel per acre yield and $9.00 per bushel price are used in projections, giving $567 of crop revenue. No other revenues are projected, giving a gross revenue projection of $567 per acre. Non-land costs for 2019 are projected at $369 per acre, an increase of $15 per acre over 2018 costs.

What is the break even price for corn?

The breakeven corn price ranges from $3.96 to $4.88, or $0.92 per bushel. Even if prices increase substantially, farms with the higher cost structure are going to find it difficult to breakeven .

Do corn farmers make money?

corn and 59 bu. soybeans per acre, farms averaged $673 total revenue per acre and averaged $664 total cost per acre. The most profitable farm made $275 per acre while the least profitable lost $222 per acre. corn takes the worst figure in the study to the third best at $144 per acre profit .

What is the average corn yield per acre in Iowa?

177.81 bushels per acre

What county in Iowa produces the most corn?

Kossuth County

Which state produces the most corn 2018?


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