Iowa dnr staff directory

How do I contact Iowa DNR?

Contact Iowa DNR Emergency Response. (environmental spills, 24hr number) 515-725-8694 . TIP – Turn in Poachers. (fish and game crime reporting) 1-800-532-2020 . Iowa Outdoors Magazine. Looking for a specific back issue? 515-725-8200 (single copies are $5) Iowa DNR Customer Service. Iowa DNR Customer Service: 515-725-8200 (phone)

How many DNR officers are in Iowa?

90 conservation officers

How do I file a complaint with the DNR?

If you witness a natural resource violation, report it immediately. You can do this by texting or calling 1-800-292-7800, phone lines are open 24/7. Reporting online may cause a significant delay between when your complaint is submitted and when it is received.

How many game wardens are in Iowa?

Iowa employs nearly 100 conservation officers whose primary function is to enforce the environmental and wildlife regulations promulgated by the DNR.

What does the Iowa DNR do?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources ( Iowa DNR or IA DNR ) is a department/agency of the U.S. state of Iowa formed in 1986, charged with maintaining state parks and forests, protecting the environment of Iowa , and managing energy, fish, wildlife, land resources, and water resources of Iowa .

How much do DNR officers make in Iowa?

Conservation Officer Salary in Iowa

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Conservation Officer Salary $36,036 IA
50th Percentile Conservation Officer Salary $44,818 IA
75th Percentile Conservation Officer Salary $55,871 IA
90th Percentile Conservation Officer Salary $65,934 IA

What state has the highest paid game wardens?

The following states have the highest, average salaries for game wardens: Illinois : $88,300. Iowa: $82,520. Rhode Island: $77,710. California : $76,240. Washington : $74,010.

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Do game wardens have more power than cops?

Game Wardens May Have Expanded Search Powers In some instances, game wardens may actually have more power than police officers when it comes to warrantless searches of persons or vehicles. Typically, police officers must have probable cause or consent to search a person or a vehicle without a warrant.

What’s the difference between DNR and conservation officer?

should know that these professionals go by many different titles. Specifically, a DNR officer is a conservation officer who works for the Department of Natural Resources, but other names include fish and game warden, wildlife conservation officer , district wildlife manager, and fisheries enforcement officer .

Does Indiana have a lifetime fishing license?

What do lifetime licenses cover? Lifetime comprehensive hunting and fishing licenses cover all Indiana hunting and fishing licenses and stamps. What if my lifetime license is lost, stolen or destroyed? If your license is lost, stolen or destroyed, you should notify the DNR immediately.

How much is a fishing license in Indiana?

Resident licenses

License category License name Fee
Fishing Annual Fishing $17
One-day Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon) $9
Annual Senior Fishing2 $3
Senior Fish-for-Life2 $17

How do I report poaching in Michigan?

If you witness a natural resource violation, report it immediately. You can do this by texting or calling 800-292-7800, phone lines are open 24/7. You can also use the online poaching complaint form (for complaints within Michigan only).

Is it difficult to become a game warden?

The game warden ensures that local laws and regulations are upheld when hunting and fishing, and helps conserve the habitats of countless species of wildlife. Becoming a game warden is a rigorous process, but if you have a love for the outdoors and a desire to protect it, follow this guide to learn how to get started.

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How much do game wardens make in Iowa?

The average salary for a fish and game warden in Iowa is around $70,250 per year.

What schooling do you need to be a conservation officer?

The minimum educational requirement for conservation officers is a 4-year degree or applied degree in conservation, natural resource management , law enforcement, or related fields. Education equivalency will be considered.

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