Iowa state butter cow

Where is the cow made of butter?

The world-famous Butter Cow is located in the Agriculture Building . In 2006, Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines became the Fair’s fifth butter sculptor. The Butter Cow starts with a wood, metal, wire and steel mesh frame and about 600 lbs. of low moisture, pure cream Iowa butter.

What happens to the butter cow?

Stacy told me that every year, a couple of days after the Fair is over, they’ll turn off the freezer for the Butter Cow . Then about a day later, it gets soft enough to disassemble and put in buckets. It usually takes about 21 5 gallon buckets to get all the butter put away.

Is butter carving a real thing?

Butter sculptures are sculptures carved in butter . The works often depict animals, people, buildings and other objects. They are best known as attractions at state fairs in the United States as lifesize cows and people, but can also be found on banquet tables and even small decorative butter pats.

What do they do with the butter sculpture after the fair?

But in years past, the State Fair and the American Dairy Association teamed up with Mount Union University, recycled the butter and turned it into biodiesel. The 2016 butter sculptures were handcrafted to honor the 2016 NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who has turkey shaped butter?

Family and friends will love Keller’s Creamery Turkey Shaped Butter at your Thanksgiving Dinner. Use the butter as a tasty, creamy accompaniment on bread rolls and many other Thanksgiving dishes.

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When did butter originate?

The earliest evidence of butter dates back to 2000 years B.C. Archaeologists have found a limestone tablet that is around 4500 years old. It illustrates how our ancestors were making butter .

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