Long john silvers ames iowa

Is there a Long John Silver’s in Ames Iowa?

Long John Silver’s Seafood 533 Lincoln Way Ames , IA Seafood – MapQuest.

Why did they close Long John Silvers?

Seafood restaurant Long John Silver’s is closing 16 of its 31 locations due to poor sales after bad publicity for using trans fat oil to cook its products, reports Times Republican. ” It’s just unfortunate that the brand suffered a reputational problem because of the use of trans fat oil,” Levitt reportedly said.

Who is Long John Silvers owned by?

Privately- owned Long John Silver’s was once a part of Yum Brands, but was sold in 2011 when Yum decided to focus on its stronger brands Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC. Since then, Long John Silver’s has struggled to grow sales.

What are the crumbs at Long John Silver’s called?

A lot of the food at Long John Silver’s is fried, and those little pieces of fried batter that they sprinkle over their fish and fry platters can actually be ordered as a secret menu side dish. Called crumbs , crunchies, or crispies, the pieces of batter taste like crunchy, fried dough.

Is Long John Silver Good or bad?

Long John Silver was hired by the Squire to be the cook on the Hispaniola. He turns out not to be a cook but an evil pirate who is also hunting for Captain Flint’s treasure. Generally he is not to be trusted. He escapes at the end of the book with some of the treasure and is never seen again.

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Is Long John Silver’s fish bad for you?

Grilled Talapia filets have 5g total fat, 2g saturated fat. Difference: 27g total fat, 6g saturated fat. The battered fish has more than six times the total fat as the grilled tilapia filets. So while fish is healthier for you than red meats, having your fish fried takes it off the healthy list.

What type of fish does Long John Silver use?

Long John Silver’s wild -caught Cod and Pollack come from the icy waters of the North Pacific Ocean, one of the best-managed and most sustainable fisheries in the world. LJS fish is fresh-caught, and flash-frozen while still aboard the fishing boats to lock in the flavor.

Are Long John Silvers and KFC owned by the same company?

In January 2011, Yum! announced its intentions to divest itself of its Long John Silver’s and A&W brands to focus on its core brands of KFC , Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. For the decade leading up to the company’s announcement, major growth had relied on international expansion.

What happened to Long John Silver at the end of Treasure Island?

When Silver escapes at the end of the novel, he takes “three or four hundred guineas” of the treasure with him, thus becoming one of only two former members of Captain Flint’s crew to get his hands on a portion of the recovered treasure .

How much is a piece of fish at Long John Silver’s?

Long John Silver’s Prices

Food Price
Mac N Cheese – Family $3.99
Fish $1.99
Chicken $1.99
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What side dishes does Long John Silver’s have?

Sides Menu Hushpuppies (6) Green Beans . Rice. Fries . Coleslaw . Corn .

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