Schools in dubuque iowa

What school district is Dubuque Iowa?

Dubuque Community School District

How many high schools are in Dubuque Iowa?

three high schools

What is the best school district in Iowa?

Johnston Community School District

What is University of Dubuque known for?

Located less than 200 miles from Chicago, the university has been known throughout its 150-year history as one of the nation’s best small Christian universities . UD is a college of community where Christian commitment, intellectual integrity, and academic excellence are the basis for learning.

What is Iowa ranked in education?


State, federal district, or territory % High school graduate or higher Advanced rank
Maine 92.1% 24
Iowa 91.8% 42
Utah 91.8% 23
Wisconsin 91.7% 35

Does Iowa have good schools?

Ames High School ranked 494th nationally to claim the top spot among Iowa schools . Iowa City West finished second among Iowa schools , ranking 509th nationally. The Trojans also finished second in 2019. “This is an incredible recognition for our entire district,” Ames Superintendent Jenny Risner told the Register.

How many people go to University of Dubuque?


Is University of Dubuque d1?

The University of Dubuque is a member of NCAA Division III, and is part of the American Rivers Conference, which, in addition to the University of Dubuque , currently includes Buena Vista University , Coe College , Central College , Luther College , Loras College , Nebraska Wesleyan University , Simpson College , and Wartburg

How big is the University of Dubuque?

77 acres

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