Tv station in sioux city iowa

What channel is ABC in Sioux City Iowa?

channel 9

What channel is KTIV?

channel 4

What channel is Fox in Sioux City?

channel 44

What channel is NBC in Iowa?

Stations for Des Moines, Iowa

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
13-1 13.3 NBC
13-2 13.4 Weather
13-3 13.5 Antenna TV
13-4 13.6 Court TV

Where did Jennifer lenzini go?

Jenny Lenzini joined NBC2 in July 2020 as a reporter. Before coming to Southwest Florida, Jenny was weekend anchor and multi-media journalist at KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa. She started her journey as a producer, but knew her passion was in the reporting.

How old is Jennifer lenzini?

Lenzini , 26, was riding on the back of a motorcycle Saturday afternoon in North Port, Florida, when the driver of the motorcycle lost control and hit a tree. The driver was killed and Lenzini died at a Sarasota hospital, according to a report from Waterman Broadcasting in Fort Myers.

What channel is PBS in Iowa?

Iowa PBS WORLD . 3 is on 119, and Iowa PBS Create. 4 is on 118. If you subscribe to a different cable service, you will need to contact your provider to find out if they carry the new Iowa PBS KIDS channel, WORLD and Create, and where to find them in the channel lineup.

What is on KCCI tonight?


Time TV Show
6:30 pm College Football Today 12-19-2020
7:00 pm SEC Football Championship Alabama vs. Florida
10:30 pm Matter of Fact With Soledad O’Brien 12-20-2020 – Season 2 Episode 275
11:00 pm Nightwatch United We Stand – Season 2 Episode 6
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What channel is NBC in Cedar Rapids Iowa?

Stations for Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
07-1 7.3 NBC
07-2 7.4 CW
07-3 7.5 Me-TV

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