Von maur distribution center davenport iowa

What company owns Von Maur?

Von Maur , founded in 1872 in Davenport, is owned and operated by the von Maur family, with 32 stores in 15 states.

How many locations does Von Maur have?


Where is Von Maur headquarters?

Давенпорт, Айова

Does Von Maur have free shipping?

Yes, Von Maur does offer free shipping .

Is von Maur owned by Nordstrom?

One significant thing that makes Von Maur different from most department stores, including Nordstrom , is private ownership. The Nordstrom family has tried unsuccessfully for years to take the publicly traded company private.

Is von Maur like Nordstrom?

Von Maur , with its 33 stores in 15 states, is considered to be the “ Nordstrom of the Midwest.” It combines a highly curated collection of popular brands with great visual merchandising and superior customer service.

What nationality is Von Maur?


Is von Maur legit?

Von Maur is a great store! But the prices are way to high, everything is still very high quality. if you go there i suggest the shoe section, they are great!!!

Does Von Maur ever have coupons?

As of today, Von Maur has 4 active coupons and offers.

Who is the CEO of Von Maur?

Jim von Maur

How long has von Maur been in business?

Founded in Davenport in 1872, the family-owned company now has 33 stores in 15 states stretching from Kansas to New York, and Minnesota to Alabama. Von Maur opened its second Twin Cities location at the end of 2018.

What does von Maur sell?

About Von Maur , Inc. Family-owned and -operated Von Maur runs some 35 upscale department stores, primarily in the Midwestern US, offering clothes for women, men, and children, as well as accessories, beauty products, and housewares and gifts.

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How long do you have to return something to Von Maur?

Due to increased volume and impact of COVID-19, your return may take up to 30 days to process. If an alternative size is needed, please place a new order on VonMaur.com and send the item that did not work back to us for a refund.

Does Von Maur price match?

Von Maur has price matching , but has refused to match online prices . Von Maur does not have monthly sales, nor does it reward customers for their renewed patronage with coupons or gift cards.

Does Von Maur have Black Friday sales?

When is Black Friday 2021? The Black Friday 2020 sale has ended. 2 дня назад

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