Waterloo iowa tourist attractions

What is Waterloo Iowa famous for?

Located in the Upper Midwest, Waterloo is the major metro of the Cedar Valley Region of Northeast Iowa . As the Black Hawk County Seat, Waterloo is the hub for government, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, education, employment, and retail for the region with a labor force draw of over 300,000.

What is there to do in Waterloo today?

Let’s explore the best things to do in Waterloo : Enjoy the outdoors…. and the indoors. Play a round of golf. Source: Bill Hertha / Flickr. Stare at works of art. Source: www.theclayandglass.ca. Wander around campus. Go on a historic walking tour. Drink like you would in Germany. Head to the mall. Ride a steam train.

What is in Waterloo?

The top attractions to visit in Waterloo are: John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum. Lost Island Water Park. Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum. Phelps Youth Pavilion. Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

How dangerous is Waterloo Iowa?

Waterloo has a violent crime rate of 966 with a population of 68,355.

What is the safest town in Iowa?

Johnston is the safest city in the state, with a safety rating of 86.81. As for other cities in Iowa , there are several clustered around the state capital Des Moines that have high safety ratings such as Ames (80.75) and West Des Moines (79.31).

How expensive is it to live in Waterloo?

How much does it cost to live in Waterloo per month? The total cost of living is around $1,907 in Waterloo . The average rent in Waterloo for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is approximately $1,515 per month, and utilities cost around $131 a month.

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What is Kitchener Waterloo known for?

City of Kitchener . With a population of over 240,000, Kitchener offers big-city excitement without losing its small-town charm. The city’s deep Germanic roots and history are most evident during the annual Kitchener – Waterloo Oktoberfest, the largest celebration of all things Bavarian outside of Germany.

What is there to do in Waterloo at night?

The Best Nightlife in Region of Waterloo St. Jacobs Country Playhouse. 4.8. Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge. 4.7. Explore. St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre. Centre In The Square. 4.5. Kitchener- Waterloo Symphony. 4.8. Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener & VIP. 3.2. Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex. 3.9. Landmark Cinemas 12 Kitchener. 4.4.

Is Waterloo better than La Croix?

La Croix has big, throat-burning bubbles and a harsh, almost metallic finish compared to Waterloo , which tastes more effervescent and has a smooth, clean ending. While we don’t know the science behind why that process yields a better -tasting product, our taste buds had no trouble distinguishing Waterloo from La Croix .

Is Waterloo water safe to drink?

Safe drinking water is important to our health and quality of life. In Waterloo Region we have access to high quality drinking water . Residents of Waterloo Region may get their drinking water from: Municipal supply.

Is Waterloo a good place to live?

Kitchener- Waterloo , Ontario, is a desirable place across the province for anyone looking for a quality area to make your home. A community that is constantly adding jobs, is close to nearly everything imaginable, ethnically welcoming, and affordable, Kitchener can be deemed as a gem of a city.

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What is the most dangerous city in Iowa?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Iowa?

Rank City Violent Crimes Per Capita
1 Council Bluffs 789
2 Des Moines 712
3 Ottumwa 547
4 Davenport 594

What is the poorest city in Iowa?


Is Iowa a ghetto?

This may or may not come as a surprise to many, but when you look at the data, the largest city in Iowa is also one of its most ghetto cities. Crime is the 4th highest in Iowa . There were 11 murders here in 2013, which is one of the highest counts in the state, by far.

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