where is newton iowa

What is Newton Iowa known for?

Over the years Newton has been home to cigar factories, manufacturing of patent medicines and ant poison, the center of advertising specialty companies, manufacturing of farm equipment and home appliances becoming known as Washing Machine Capital of the World and was home to a Fortune “500” Company – the Maytag

Is Newton Iowa a good place to live?

While Newton is not very well known for any hot spots or attractions, it is a quiet place for a quiet individual or a great place to raise a family in a friendly environment. Newton has alot of small town feel. There is positives and negatives to that.

What county is Newton Iowa in?


How far away is Newton IA?

There are 78.86 miles from Newton to Iowa City in east direction and 84 miles (135.18 kilometers) by car, following the I-80 route. Newton and Iowa City are 1 hour 17 mins far apart , if you drive non-stop .

What is the zip code for Newton Iowa?


Where in Iowa is Grinnell?

Poweshiek county

What towns are in Jasper County?

Jasper Kirbyville Buna Evadale Browndell

What county is Grinnell Iowa in?

Poweshiek County

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