where is red oak iowa

How far away is Red Oak Iowa?

There are 196.58 miles from Iowa City to Red Oak in southwest direction and 231 miles (371.76 kilometers) by car, following the I-80 route. Iowa City and Red Oak are 3 hours 56 mins far apart , if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Iowa City, IA to Red Oak , IA .

What county is Red Oak Iowa?


What is there to do in Red Oak Iowa?

The top attractions to visit in Red Oak are: The Restored Burlington Northern Depot & WWII Memorial Museum . Valley Antiques and Gifts. Wilson Performing Arts Center .

What river runs through Red Oak Iowa?

East Nishnabotna River

What is Red Oak Iowa ZIP code?

51566 51591

Where is Senator Joni Ernst from?

Red Oak, IA

What does nishnabotna mean?

The Nishnabotna River (/nɪʃnəˈbɑːtnə/) is a tributary of the Missouri River in southwestern Iowa, northwestern Missouri and southeastern Nebraska in the United States. The name ” Nishnabotna ” comes from an Otoe (Chiwere) word meaning “canoe-making river.”

Where does the Nishnabotna River start?

Missouri River

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