Area codes in iowa

What is the area of Iowa?

56 272 кв. мили

What is the area code for Iowa City Iowa?

Area code 319

How do I find an area code?

Step 1: Visit and login to Step 2: Click on ‘Profile Settings’ and click on ‘My profile’ as shown below. Step 3: Click on ‘PAN Card’, and it will display all the details along with the details of Area Code , AO Type, Range Code , AO Number, and Jurisdiction, as shown below.

What is Des Moines area code?

Area code 515

Is Iowa flat or hilly?

Iowa is generally not flat; most of the state consists of rolling hills. Northeast Iowa along the Upper Mississippi River is part of the Driftless Area, consisting of steep hills and valleys which appear almost mountainous.

Why is Iowa so flat?

We Iowans hear all the time about how our state is flat from outsiders. Iowa’s primary soil parent material is glacial till. That just means that our landforms are largely due to the glaciers that the state has seen over the past couple million years.

What area code is 319 from?

Area code 319 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the southeastern and east-central parts of the U.S. state of Iowa. Major cities in the numbering plan area (NPA) include Burlington, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Oelwein, Fort Madison, Iowa City, Keokuk, Mount Pleasant, and Waterloo.

What area code is 641 belong to?


What area code is 515 in US?

state of Iowa

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Can I find out who a phone number belongs to?

For numbers that are listed in the phonebook, using a reverse phone number service is the easiest way to find out who a telephone number belongs to. The website offers a free reverse phone number service. and also offer free reverse phone number searches (links in Resources).

What area code is 385 belong to?

Salt Lake City

What is area code in mobile number?

The area code is the identifier for a geographic region. The next grouping is the 3-digit prefix, which narrows the location of the phone number a little further. Finally, there is the line number . These are the last 4 digits of the phone number which directs a call to a specific phone line.

What is the area code for Davenport Iowa?

Area code 563

What area is 712 in USA?


What area code is 563 in the United States?

state of Iowa

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