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How much does Heartland Express Pay per mile?

Drivers will now earn 40-49 cents per mile , based on division, on the Household Goods mileage scale for drivers with at least six months to a year of over-the-road experience. This is before any additional pay , such as a safety bonus or hazmat pay .

How many trucks does Heartland Express have?

The average haul of a Heartland Express truck covered 625 miles in 1995. The company owns about half of its fleet of more than 2,000 tractors; historically, the company has contracted with owner-operators to fill out its fleet of tractors.

What kind of trucks does Heartland Express use?

There are better pay options here at Heartland with an annual safety bonus and an extra 5¢ per mile in the Green Zone. We also offer some of the newest tractors and trailers on the market – our trucks are all 2018 or newer Kenworth, Freightliner, and International trucks .

Does Heartland Express have automatic trucks?

We currently have a small fleet of automatics ; a majority of our trucks are manual. Mixture of both. They have plenty of options to support what you’re looking for. Just have to be a little patient if they don’t have it right away.

Does Heartland Express do hair follicle?

Do they do a hair follicle drug test We do not. We currently only utilize urinalysis.

How many employees does Heartland Express have?

3,600 employees

Does Heartland Express have a rider program?

3 answers. Our rider policy does allow riders after 30 days, but we do not allow pets in the vehicles. No pets, one rider after a year.

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Who owns Heartland Express?

Heartland Express is led by Michael Gerdin , who started his career with Heartland in 1983 as a teenager working in the truck wash bay. From 1998 to 2001, Mike was President of A&M Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heartland Express.

Is Heartland Express a good company to work for?

When I started at Heartland Express I felt that it was one of the best big company trucking jobs. Things have gotten worse over the years but it is still a good job for someone that doesn’t mind being a cog in the wheel or staying out for six days and being home one. Pretty easy place to work .

Is Millis Transfer a good company?

Millis us by far the best training company out there. Their pay and benefits exceeds most companies for beginner drivers. Great equipment, and a very professional office staff. I would highly recommend Millis to anyone looking to get their cdl!

What happened interstate trucking?

In May 2011, Interstate was acquired by Saltchuk, a privately owned family investment company based in the Pacific NW. Saltchuk consists of diversified transportation and petroleum companies; the acquisition of Interstate gave Saltchuk their first ” Trucking ” company.

Does Prime do hair test?

“ Does prime do hair folicle testing ? (this seems to be a debate?)” No, it’s a urine test .

Why are trucking companies going to automatic transmissions?

Automatic Transmissions are transitioning into the trucking industry and they are here to stay. Many truck drivers have shown resistance to automatic transmissions for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include performance/reliability issues and the perception that they take away control from drivers.

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Are TMC trucks automatic?

Premium sound system and subwoofer, Sirius compatible. Wingman Collision Warning System and Roll Stability. Manual and Automatic transmissions.

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