Iowa city area code

What are the zip codes for Iowa?

Iowa ZIP Code List

Zip Codes for the State of Iowa
Zip Code City County
50002 Adair Adair
50003 Adel Dallas
50005 Albion Marshall

What is Des Moines area code?

Area code 515

Where is area code 319 in the States?

Техас Айова

Where are 319 phone numbers from?

state of Iowa

What is Norwalk Iowa ZIP code?

50211 50321

What are Idaho’s area codes?

Area code 208

What is the area of Iowa?

56,272 mi²

What is the area code for Davenport Iowa?

Area code 563

What country code is +319?


Is 319 a toll free number?

No . The ( 319 ) Area Code is not a toll – free number .

What is Cedar Rapids area code?

Area code 319

What area is 318 area code?


What does 319 mean?

Angel number 319 meaning shows that this is the right time for you to make those life-changing decisions. Apart from guiding you and protecting you, the message from your ministering angel is that you possess the right qualities to make serious changes in your life.

What area code is 309 in the US?


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