Iowa population by county

What is the population of Iowa in 2020?

3.18 million

What is the least populated county in Iowa?

Adams County

What’s the largest county in Iowa?


What is the richest county in Iowa?


What percentage of Iowa is black?

8.5 percent

What are people from Iowa called?

People who live in Iowa are called Iowans or Hawkeyes .

What is the safest town in Iowa?

Johnston is the safest city in the state, with a safety rating of 86.81. As for other cities in Iowa , there are several clustered around the state capital Des Moines that have high safety ratings such as Ames (80.75) and West Des Moines (79.31).

How many counties is in Iowa?

99 counties

Who is Johnson County Iowa named after?

It was named for the US Vice President Richard M. Johnson. The first courthouse in the county was a two-story log cabin structure, built in 1838 in the settlement of Napoleon, about two miles south of the current courthouse.

What county is Iowa City in?

Johnson County

Which country is Lowa?

the United States of America

Are there any billionaires in Iowa?

Harry Stine, the founder of Stine Seed Co., is Iowa’s only billionaire , with an estimated fortune of $1.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world’s wealthiest people.

How many billionaires are in Iowa?

Map of each state’s billionaires as of 2016. Table.

State or Federal District Iowa
Number Billionaire Residents (2/12/16) 1
Number Billionaire Residents (9/15/20) 1
Billionaires ‘ Real-Time Cumul. Worth $M (9/15/20) 5,420
Billionaires / State’s 10M pop. (7/19 Census) (9/15/20) 3.17
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Who is richest person in Iowa?

Harry Stine

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