Bike race in iowa

What is the Ragbrai route for 2020?

Starting about 20 miles east of the Missouri River, the 2020 ride will hug the U.S. Highway 20 corridor before dipping south on the fifth day toward Anamosa. The route continues its southward trajectory on the seventh day when it rolls into Clinton for the Mississippi River dip.

What is the bike ride across Iowa called?


How many miles a day is ragbrai?

The seven -day total mileage for RAGBRAI averages 468 miles while the daily mileage averages 67 miles . There is an optional loop (called the Karras Loop) on one day each year for cyclists wanting the challenge of riding a full century 100 miles.

How do you pronounce ragbrai?

You may be tilting your head. After all, everyone from Lance Armstrong to the Des Moines Register’s own staff pronounce it “RAGBRYE,” but according to John Karras, the co-founder of the Register’s annual bike ride, it’s actually supposed to be pronounced “RAGBRAY.”

When did ragbrai start in Iowa?


How far across is Iowa?

Area rank 26th
• Length 310 mi ( 499 km )
• Width 240 mi ( 322 km )

How many miles is ragbrai 2019?

427 miles

How many miles does the average person bike in an hour?

20 miles

How long does it take to cycle 70 miles?

Did it this year in 3 1/2 hours ( 4 hour 8 minutes with stops ) but that was on a road bike and a lot more training, so with the ride to the start it worked out about 63 miles.

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How long does it take to go a mile on a bike?

around 6 minutes

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