Cities in iowa that start with m

What are cities that start with M?

List of cities beginning with letter M

City Country
Madison United States
Madiun Indonesia
Madrid Spain
Madurai India

What are the main cities in Iowa?


Rank City Population
1 Des Moines 214,237
2 Cedar Rapids 133,562
3 Davenport 101,590
4 Sioux City 82,651

What is the smallest city in Iowa?

With the increase in the 2010 census of both Le Roy and Beaconsfield (population 11 in 2000), they now share the title of being the smallest populated incorporated cities in Iowa.

How many small towns are in Iowa?

100 towns

What states start with an M?

Maine . Michigan . Minnesota . Mississippi . Missouri . Montana . New Hampshire. New Jersey.

What city in California starts with M?

All Cities in California State starting with the letter M

City Population Age
Madeline CA 54.00
Madera CA 101,427 24.65
Madison CA 28.60
Magalia CA 11,538 49.20

What is the newest town in Iowa?

the Maharishi Vedic City

Is Ocelot Iowa a real place?

Trivia: In the opening scene where at the bottom of the screen it says Ocelot , Iowa 1969. That gas station scene was actually shot in Mars, Pennsylvania. Trivia: According to the commentary on the DVD, the man who plays the snake wrangler is the Farrelly brothers’ father.

What is the most populated town in Iowa?

Des Moines

What’s the oldest town in Iowa?


Is salvation Iowa a real place?

The town of Blue Earth, MN where Salvation begins is a real town in southern Minnesota nine miles from the Iowa border. The town of Salvation , Iowa , is fictional.

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Which state is Iowa in USA?

Iowa, constituent state of the United States of America. It was admitted to the union as the 29th state on December 28, 1846. As a Midwestern state, Iowa forms a bridge between the forests of the east and the grasslands of the high prairie plains to the west.

Is Iowa a small state?

Iowa is a relatively small state that plays a disproportionately large role in American politics – its wintertime caucuses every four years signal the official opening of another U.S. presidential election contest.

What is a small town in Iowa?

The largest city by population and by land area is Des Moines with 203,433 residents and 80.87 square miles (209.5 km2). The smallest cities by population are Beaconsfield and Le Roy , each with 15 residents.

What is the smallest town in the world?


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