Featherlite trailers cresco iowa

Are Featherlite Trailers good?

” Featherlite makes an excellent trailer . They are well built and stand up to many miles of hard use. The aluminum construction doesn’t have rust problems that plague steel trailers . The light weight saves wear on tow vehicles and saves fuel.”

Where are Featherlite trailers made?

Cresco, Iowa

Are all Featherlite Trailers aluminum?

We’ve got you covered. Built solid from the ground up, Featherlite trailers are made with an all – aluminum body that is rust resistant and feature superior welds for added strength. Tough and lightweight all at once, Featherlite trailers offer superior durability and fuel efficiency.

Who bought Featherlite trailers?

The Exiss, Featherlite and Sooner brands have been acquired from Universal Trailer Corp. by a newly formed corporation, owned by Tim Masud and Howard Palmer. Masud will serve as CEO. He has more than three decades of experience in the trailer industry.

Do aluminum trailers crack?

Properly designed and tested aluminum framed trailers can last a long time, but when they do eventually crack (might take 40 years) their time is up.

Are aluminum utility trailers worth the money?

Not only did aluminum resist rust and corrosion, it was also lighter and therefore easier to pull. Trailer owners reporting better gas mileage when hauling an aluminum trailer only added to its popularity. All- aluminum trailers tend to be more expensive than steel trailers , however.

How much does an aluminum trailer weigh?

A basic, aluminum single-horse trailer usually weighs less than 3,000 pounds.

How much does a Featherlite horse trailer weigh?

one horse trailer or two horse trailer that features an aluminum floor covered with 3/4” thick rubber mats. This bumper pull horse trailer is 5’7” wide, weighs only about 1800 pounds and features a unique flip-up rear door and ramp. A walk through door in the aerodynamic nose provides front access to the horses .

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Who makes Exiss horse trailers?

Universal Trailer Corporation

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