Iowa hawkeye stadium seating

How many seats are in a row at Kinnick Stadium?

Other Popular Seating Areas Sideline – ★★★★★ – Each sideline section at Kinnick Stadium contains 79 rows of seating with the entrance tunnel located near row 42. The visitor

What is the capacity of Kinnick Stadium?

69 250

Who has the most wins in Kinnick Stadium?


Who owns Kinnick Stadium?

Iowa Hawkeye Athletics

How much are Hawkeye football tickets?

General public season tickets for seven home games are $415, with faculty/staff season tickets remaining at $345.

Why is Iowa locker room pink?

Former Iowa coach Hayden Fry had the Hawkeyes’ visiting locker room painted pink in 1979, purportedly as a means to gain a pregame psychological advantage against opponents. The school rebuilt its pink locker room in 2005 during a stadium renovation project, and it has been the subject of controversy since.

Which college stadium is the largest?

Michigan Michigan Stadium

What is the home of the Hawkeyes?

home of the hawkeyes
Home of the Hawkeyes
‘Gimme ___!’ (start of a cheer for the Hawkeyes )

How old is Kinnick Stadium?

91 c. 1929

What is the Kinnick wave?

The “Iowa Wave ,” also known as the “ Kinnick Wave ,” is one of the best traditions in all of sports, despite only being a few years old. At the top floor of the children’s hospital lies a “Press Box” where patients and families can watch Iowa home games. This gives the patients a beautiful view of Kinnick Stadium.

What town is the Iowa Hawkeyes in?

Iowa City, Iowa

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What is the name of the Iowa State football stadium?

Jack Trice Stadium

Who is Kinnick Stadium named after?

Nile Kinnick

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