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What phones are available at US Cellular?

The best US Cellular phones : Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. Google Pixel 5. Google Pixel 4a series. 6 дней назад

Can I buy a phone online and use it with US Cellular?

It’s easy. Place your order online or take your compatible device to a U.S. Cellular ® store, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does US Cellular offer free phones?

For a limited time, regional carrier U.S. Cellular is giving away its phone to new customers, including BlackBerry and Android models.

How do I pay my US Cellular bill?

Dial # PAY (#729) or 877-890-8722 from your U.S. Cellular phone . Mail your payment to: U.S. Cellular , Dept 0205, Palatine, IL 60055-0205.

Does US Cellular have a senior discount?

No, U.S. Cellular does not offer senior discounts .

What is the number 1 selling cell phone in America?

In descending order from most popular, the top-five best-selling phones in North America for 2019 are the iPhone XR , iPhone 11 , iPhone 8 , iPhone 11 Pro Max , and iPhone XS Max . Not even the mighty Samsung could crack the top-five this year. As you can see, Samsung dominates the lists in nearly every area of the world.

What network is US Cellular compatible with?

The thing to know with this is that U.S. Cellular is a CDMA network carrier. In general, it’s easiest to bring phones from other CDMA carriers to U.S. Cellular; Sprint and Verizon also use CDMA . AT&T and T-Mobile use the other type of network, which is GSM .

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Can you change phones without going to the store?

You can do this without going into the store . As HappyHelper stated you can dial *228 opt 1 to activate the phone.

How do I track my order from US Cellular?

You can also check the status of your orders in US Cellular account section. In the My Account page, click on the ‘ My Orders ‘ to view the status of all your US Cellular orders . To view the status of a Particular order , click on the ‘ Order Number’ link.

How can I get a free Galaxy s20?

Get a free Samsung Galaxy S20 (no trade-in required!) However, there is now a way you can get one for absolutely free ! Sprint has the phones available on the Flex Lease program. If you order a Galaxy S20 on Flex Lease, your monthly payments will be $0.

What credit score do you need for US Cellular?


How much is US Cellular a month?

Monthly price comparison

Monthly price comparison 1 line 3 lines
*Restricted LTE data download speeds. **Prices include taxes and/or fees.
Verizon $80 $165
U.S. Cellular $60 $130
Boost** $50 $110

Can I pay someone’s cell phone bill without them knowing?

If you don’t know the persons carrier or its prepaid, it’s a little harder, but can be done if you’re communicating with them . Now, it is hard to ANONYMOUSLY pay someone’s bill , especially if it’s prepaid. Most POSTPAID (contract) bills can be done at a carrier store with a minimal amount of knowledge.

Where can I pay my consumer cellular phone bill?

If you need to pay your bill immediately, you can pay online using a credit card or call to use our automated payment system at (888) 345-5509(888) 345-5509.

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What is US Cellular billing cycle?

Additionally, at U.S. Cellular ®, your monthly service charges are billed one month in advance. For example, if your bill date is the 16th, your January 16th bill would reflect monthly service charges that cover January 16th through February 15th.

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