High trestle trail bridge madrid iowa

What type of bridge is the high trestle bridge?

The High Trestle Trail Bridge is half a mile long and 130 feet high , and is said to be among the largest trail bridges in the world.

When was the High Trestle Trail Bridge built?


How long is the High Trestle Trail Bridge?

The trail includes an iconic, 1/2-mile, 13-story high bridge across the Des Moines River valley, one of the largest trail bridges in the world. The High Trestle Trail was one of INHF’s most complicated trail projects, but numerous donations and grants, paired with incredible public support, made the project possible.

How long is the Trestle Trail in Menasha?

1600 ft

What does trestle mean?

1 : a braced frame serving as a support. 2 : horse sense 2b. 3 : a braced framework of timbers, piles, or steelwork for carrying a road or railroad over a depression.

How long is the trestle trail?

High Trestle Trail
Length 25 mi (40 km)
Location Central Iowa, United States
Trailheads Ankeny Sheldahl Slater Madrid Woodward
Use Hiking, biking, equestrian (between Slater and the Des Moines River, and the Des Moines River to Woodward, but not on the bridge itself)

How long is loop the lake Neenah?

3.5 mile

How many miles is loop the lake?

Legg Lake Loop Trail is a 2.2 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near South El Monte, California that features a lake and is good for all skill levels.

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