Pharmaceutical sales jobs in iowa

How do I get a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep?

Pharmaceutical employers frequently seek those with at least two years of sales experience, preferably business-to-business sales . Previous jobs that offered strong sales -training programs also are viewed favorably. A record of promotions can be a big plus.

What is the best degree for pharmaceutical sales?

Pharmaceutical companies generally only hire sales representatives who hold a four-year bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college. A specific major isn’t required, but many PSRs study life sciences, especially biology and chemistry.

Do you need a license to be a pharmaceutical sales rep?

Certifications might not be required by all employers, but they can help with career advancement and improve your industry and sales knowledge. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps offers training courses and a certification to become a Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR).

How much money do entry level pharmaceutical sales reps make?

National Average As of Dec 14, 2020, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in the United States is $60,099 a year.

How many hours a week do pharmaceutical sales reps work?

As you might imagine, a successful sales rep might spend 60– 80 hours a week. An unsuccessful one usually has a 20 hour week and takes Friday off. Pharmaceutical sales is not easy, unless you don’t like making money and want to be fired within a year.

How hard is it to get into pharmaceutical sales?

It’s a reality for pharmaceutical company representatives. But the work isn’t pure glamour. It’s also intense, highly competitive and sometimes frustrating. Insiders say it’s difficult to get your foot in the door with a drug company, and that it’s challenging to excel once you’ve landed that first sales job.

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Why do pharmaceutical sales reps make so much money?

Prescription medications play a key role in the healthcare industry and can treat virtually all medical conditions. Reps must possess a high degree of scientific and clinical knowledge about the products they are selling and are rewarded with some of the highest salaries in the sales industry.

Is being a pharmaceutical sales rep stressful?

Pharma is by far the least stressful gig I’ve ever had. As long as you get out of bed every day, you are going to make at least 80k on average with a nice 401k and a car with a gas card.

How do I break into the pharmaceutical industry?

5 Tips to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Try Applying to Smaller Companies . Pharmaceutical manufacturers that come to mind first are usually already flooded with ample amounts of high quality candidates. Attend a job fair (but not for the reasons you may think) Be open for relocation. Consider a 1099 role. Consider other industries .

How do I get CNPR certified?

After you have completed the CNPR training program, you can register to take the CNPR exam at the NAPSRx website. The exam consists of 160 questions and takes 120 minutes to complete. Earning your pharmaceutical sales certification is a very important step to enjoying a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

How much does CNPR certification cost?

Order Options

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What are the requirements for pharmaceutical sales?

Pharmaceutical Sales Requirements and Overview

Education College degree ideally in marketing , business, or biosciences. High school diploma may be sufficient depending on the company
Other Requirements Certification and/or vocational training sometimes needed ; very good communication skills are essential

Can you get a pharmaceutical sales job with no experience?

A pharmaceutical sales representative sells drugs and medical equipment to doctors, hospitals, and clinics, and helps customers understand the benefits of their products. Since most companies want to train you on the specifics of their products, your duties do not change if you have no experience .

Does pharmaceutical sales pay well?

Company Type: Although manufacturers pay the highest average base salary at $103,989, distributors pay the most when it comes to the average bonus ($39,698). Travel: Although most pharmaceutical sales reps do not travel overnight for work, those who do earn a much higher total compensation.

What is the salary for a pharmaceutical sales rep?

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Salaries

Job Title Salary
AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Sales Representative salaries – 3 salaries reported A$70,723/yr
Bayer Pharmaceutical Sales Representative salaries – 3 salaries reported A$94,380/yr
Sanofi Pharmaceutical Sales Representative salaries – 3 salaries reported A$82,456/yr

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